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There are a lot of bad graphics on the 'Net and a lot of graphics that take too long to load, so we decided to create these designs especially for the dog world. Unless the graphic says otherwise, it is our original artwork. The graphics have all been especially designed to be very small in file size so that they will load quickly. We are *very* firm believers in simple pages that load quickly!

We have over 2,000 doggy graphics on this site, and you should be able to find just about every graphic you need to do up a web page or spruce up an existing one! We have used many of the free doggy graphics on these pages so that you can see what some of them look like when they're up on a page. We've made every effort to color coordinate everything. You should be able to pick generic dog graphics and breed specific graphics (from our graphics Cd-roms) that will go well with each other.

Please read this carefully ***before*** downloading any graphics
on the pages linked below.

(This list has grown in proportion to the number of abuses of our graphics, unfortunately.)

We require a credit/link to our site on every page our graphics are used on--no exceptions.

All of the images on these pages are copyrighted images. Most of the images in Free Doggy Graphics were created by us, and we own the copyrights. Any exceptions are noted and credit and copyright information is duly given for graphics done by others.

We require you to provide a credit/link to Free Doggy Graphics with the graphic we provide or with text on each and every one of your web pages that you use our graphics on--no exceptions.

If you're using our graphics on a banner, web ring, or in email and don't provide this credit, you can't use our graphics.

For information on how to link to us and for more information on this rule, go here. If you don't know how to download a graphic, go here.

What can I use your images for?

Our graphics are ***only*** to be used for building web pages within the parameters of "The Rules".

For any other usage (i.e., using our artwork to create your own designs on or off the Web, any other non-Web usage, etc.), email us for permission. Some of those usages will fall under commercial usage and you will have to pay a Commercial License Fee.

If you are a Dog Club and need our images for publications of any kind, see the "For Dog Clubs" section below.

Who can use our images?

Our images are free for use on non-profit web pages and personal homepages. This includes kennel home pages (exceptions are noted below), dog club sites, rescue sites, etc. If you're for the good of the dog world, we'd like to support you!

Our images are never to be used on puppy mill sites or by anyone in the puppy mill chain (this would include brokers, auction houses, and retail outlets that sell puppies, etc.), or by commercial breeders ("for profit" kennels) or by anyone in the commercial breeder chain (this would include brokers, auction houses, and retail outlets that sell puppies, etc.).

Our graphics are not to be used by anyone who mistreats their animals or condones mistreating animals in any way. This includes dog training facilities that use inhumane training methods like ear pinching, etc.

Our graphics are never to be offered on "gallery" type sites (sites that have free graphics to download).Our images are not to be used in *any* graphics collections for sale (Cd-roms, etc.) or for free.

Sites that are x-rated, are linked to x-rated sites, or sites that we deem to be inappropriate for these sorts of reasons are not to use our graphics.

Our free graphics are *not* to be used on any commercial sites (web sites that sell things) or by web page developers without paying the special Commercial License Fee (see below).

If you've got any questions about any of this, please email me.

For Commercial Web Sites And Web Site Developers

If you are selling something, goods or services, on your web site, you're a commercial site. Affiliate status (i.e., Dogwise, Amazon Books, etc.) alone does not make you a commercial web site. If you have a site for your kennel, that is covered under personal usage, but be sure to look at the "Who can use our images?" section to be sure you are the kind of kennel we're talking about.

Our Commercial License Fee for using Fuzzy Faces Free Doggy Graphics is extremely reasonable. Go here for more information.

For Dog Clubs

Please go here for information on usage for web sites, dog club newsletters, handouts, etc.

Can I resize or recolor your graphics?

No. We do ***not*** allow our graphics to be altered in *any* way. They are to be used as they are and in no other way. You may "mirror" the image if you wish, as long as you do not alter it in any other way. If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Which graphics can I use?

*Only* the graphics on the Free Doggy Graphics pages are o.k. to use. Any graphics on our commercial sites, Fuzzy Faces or Faery Tail Corgis, etc. are also copyrighted by us and are strictly off limits. We worked long and hard to make some very unique graphics for our commercial sites. We want to keep them unique, so do *not* steal the images from those sites.

A word of warning on stealing bandwidth...

*DO NOT* link try to link directly to the individual graphics on our Free Doggy Graphics pages on our ISP (server), because the extra bandwidth used could wind up costing us a lot of extra money. No one likes to have other people use their bandwidth, so upload the images you want to your computer and then to your server. It's called "stealing bandwidth" for a reason...

Download the graphics you wish to use and then upload them to your ISP (server). For instructions on how to download an image, go here. Web-tv users, please use the free Transloader Service.

Update: DesignHeaven, our server, has actually managed to solve the "stealing" bandwith problem for their sites; it is just about impossible to feed off our graphics now. Don't do it to anyone else, though. Almost all servers charge a lot of extra money for using a lot of bandwidth.

Click here to find out what the most common mistakes are that people make with images on a web page, causing web pages to take *way* too long to load.





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HotDog Now! These pages were created with the Hot Dog Pro Web Page Editor; software I couldn't live without!

[IMAGE] I used Paint Shop Pro (PSP) to create *all* of our graphics. This program is also invaluable for transparentizing all my graphics! You can download this program and use it for free for 30 days.

[IMAGE] I use Cute FTP to upload and download my files to the Web; another software program I couldn't live without!

[IMAGE] GIF Construction Set is the program I used to do *all* of the animated .gifs on these pages. It makes doing the animations easy once you lay out the "frames".

[IMAGE] I got my little stars and many of my "New" signs from Ender Design: Realm Graphics! There are a lot of really neat graphics (buttons, lines, bullets, backgrounds, etc.) on this site that you can download and use for free on your personal web pages.

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